Adam's Navel: A natural and Cultural History of the Human Form
A History of the World in Six Glasses
Aspirin: the remarkable story of a wonder drug
At Day’s Close: night in times past
Beans: A History by Ken Albala
Becoming Mona Lisa: the making of a global icon by Don Sassoon
Big Cotton: how a humble fiber created fortunes, wrecked civilizations and put America on the map
The box : how the shipping container made the world smaller and the world economy bigger
Coal: a human history
Cod: a biography of the fish that changed the world
Consider the Eel
Copies in Seconds (686.442092)
Craze: gin and debauchery in an age of reason
Crying: the natural and cultural history of tears
Diamond: A journey to the Heart of an Obsession
Dragon's tale: the biography of Raphael's masterpiece
E=mc2 : a biography of the world’s most famous equation
Electric Universe: the shocking true story of electricity
El Ni~no : the weather phenomenon that changed the world
Fear: a cultural History
Flu: the story of the great influenza pandemic
Genome: the autobiography of a species in 23 chapters
Greenpeace : how a group of journalists, ecologists and visionaries
changed the world
Glass: a world history
Glass : from the first mirror to fiber optics, the story of the substance that changed the world
Gunpowder: alchemy, bombards and pyrotechnics
The Gutenberg revolution : the story of a genius and an invention that changed the world
The History of Beauty
Ice: beauty, danger, history
Jeans : a cultural history of an American icon
Insect Lives: stories of mystery and romance from a hidden world
Latitude Zero: tales of the equator
The Machine that changed the world : based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5-million dollar 5-year study on the future of the automobile
Mauve: how one man invented a colour that changed the world
Mayflower : the voyage that changed the world
Mosquito: a natural history of our most persistent and deadly foe
The miraculous fever-tree : malaria and the quest for a cure that changed the world
Nothing on but the radio : a look back at radio in Canada and how it changed the world
Napoleon’s Buttons: how 17 molecules changed history
A Natural History of Time
Oil : anatomy of an industry
One Good Turn: a natural history of the screwdriver and the screw
One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair
Opium: a portrait of the heavenly demon
Paris 1919 : six months that changed the world
The Pill, a Biography of the Drug that Changed the World
Prime Mover: a natural history of the muscle
Propitious Esculent: The Potato in World History by John Reader
Rats: observations on the history and habitat of the city’s most unwanted inhabitants
The riddle of the compass : the invention that changed the world
Rum: the epic story of the drink that conquered the world
Salt: a world history
The Secret life of lobters
Spice: the history of a temptation
Steam: The Untold Story of America's First Great Invention
Stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers
Sweetness and Light: the mysterious history of the honeybee
Sugar: a bittersweet history
The Big Oyster: history on the half shell
The Earth Moved: on the remarkable achievements of earthworms
The Empire of Tea: the remarkable history of the plant that took over the world
The Frozen Water Trade: a true story
The Iron Whim: a fragmented history of typewriting
The Map That Changed the World: William Smith and the birth of modern geology
The Meaning of Everything: the story of the Oxford English dictionary
The Nothing That Is: a natural history of zero
The Pencil: a history of design and circumstance
The Professor and the Madman: a tale of murder, insanity and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary
Quinine : malaria and the quest for a cure that changed the world
Rubble: unearthing the history of demolition, by Jeff Byles
The Secret Life of Dust: from the cosmos to the kitchen counter
Time lord : the remarkable Canadian who missed his train and changed the world
The Truth About Dogs: An inquiry into the ancestry, social conventions, mental habits and moral fiber of canis
The Turk: the life and times of the famous 18th century chess-playing machine
Uncommon Grounds: the history of coffee and how it transformed our world
Vanilla: travels in search of the ice cream orchid

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