Marketing Public Libraries Think Tank

The 4th Marketing Public Libraries Think Tank conference @ the TRL welcomed 124 attendees from around the province. The Marketing Ontario Public Libraries Think Tank was created for public library marketing professionals by public library marketing professionals as a way to share best practices, find solutions to common challenges, and improve their knowledge and skills.

The day was a mix of keynote speakers, roundtable discussions and poster sessions.
Maureen Barry, CEO of Burlington PL started the day with an extensive photo tour of public Libraries in North America and Europe known for their innovative use of space, some of which she toured with CULC. While architecture was a factor, the how the space is used collaboratively by staff and communities served for innovation, civic engagement, and community building was the focus. Following are those she highlighted: Cerritos, Seattle, Surrey, The Black Diamond, Aarhus's Transformation Labs and planned Urban Mediaspace, Copenhagen, Jaegersborg, Malmo, Rentemestervej, Vuosaari, Sello, Helsinki, DOK or DOK, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Almere

Johannes Neuer, Associate Director of Marketing for New York Public Library, spoke about Operationalizing Social Media. He emphasized that social media should become part of all we do, and is a way for us to meet and interact with patrons where they are, in their space. They use the hootsuite dashboard to manage social media activity, and get optimum mileage from their content in ways such as reposting pictures from their website to pinterest, and include the best blog posts in e-newsletters. They measure their activity beyond just number of subscribers, to look at things such as link tracking and click throughs

Rupen Seoni, VP at Environics Analytics spoke about serving the growing demograpic of older adults, with a view to the fact that the under 15 population is decreasing as the over 65 is increasing, with most of the growth coming in the +65, as opposed to the +75 group, which has very different experiences and expectations. The majority of these boomers are in the suburbs, with only 5% of them in the low income bracket (hello, Whitby!) Not only are they wealthier than in the past, but are increasingly well educated, and are increasingly from visible minority groups. He also shared a very cool demographic tool called Prizm C2 Lifestyle Lookup Enter a postal code, and get a feel for your community. (Mine is Lunch at Tim's)

I participated in the following roundtable discussion sessions:
Community Reads, Innovative Use of Space, How to find out what Customers Want? and In Branch Customer Service Experience.

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