Arden, Jann If I Knew, Don't You Think I'd Tell You?
Arden, Jann I'll Tell You One Damn Thing and That's All I Know
Arnold, Tom How I Lost 5 Pounds in 6 Years
Bonaduce, Danny Random Acts of Badness
Broadfoot, Dave Old enough to say what I want
Cederberg, Fred The Long Road Home (Canadian soldier in Second World War)
Cher The First Time
Clarkson, Adrienne Heart Matters: a memoir
Connors, Stompin' Tom Before the Fame
Connors, Stompin' Tom The Legend Continues
Craig, Jenny Jenny Craig Story
Drescher, Fran Enter Whining
Dylan, Bob Chronicles
Foreman, George By George
Fox, Michael J. Lucky Man
Goodall, Jane Reason For Hope: A Spiritual Journey
Green, Tom Hollywood causes cancer
Guinness, Alec Blessings in Disguise
Hamilton, Bethany Soul Surfer
Harrison, George I, Me, Mine
Herriot, James All Creatures Great and Small
Jewel Chasing Down the Dawn
Jones, James Earl James Earl Jones: Voices and Silences
Keller, Helen Story of My Life
Krantz, Judith Sex and Shopping
Lee, Tommy Tommy Land
Mandela, Nelson Long Walk to Freedom
Neilsen, Leslie The Naked Truth
Ondaatje, Michael Running in the Family
Opdyke, Irene Gut In my hands (Memories of a Holocaust rescuer)
Osmond, Donny Life is Just What You Make It
Pryor, Richard Pryor Convictions
Raffi The Life of a Children's Troubadour
Reese, Della Angels Along the Way
Reeve, Christopher Nothing is Impossible
Robinson, Jackie I Never Had It Made
Rodman, Dennis Bad As I Wanna Be
Rodman, Dennis Walk on the Wild Side
Shepherd, Cybill Cybill Disobedience
Simmons, Gene KISS and Make Up
Spears, Britney Britney Spears' Heart to Heart
Stiller, Jerry Married to Laughter: A Love Story Featuring Anne Meara
Suzuki, David David Suzuki
Villneuve, Jacques My First Season in Formula 1
Waxman, Al That's What I Am

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